Weight-neutral education and training is the BEST possible care to address diabetes, prediabetes, insulin resistance, and PCOS. Weight-neutral care focuses on establishing self-care behaviors. It doesn’t promote restriction, endorse unsustainable exercise, or encourage disordered eating as a way to “get healthy.”

Learn more by working with professionals including Certified Diabetes Care, Education Specialists, Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists, Licensed Psychologists, Medical Providers, and coaches who are trained in the national standards for diabetes care.

These professionals know how to stop the diet/blood sugar roller coaster and focus on what matters in your life, without harping on weight!

You can also start your journey by enrolling in one of our many weight neutral courses. In January, we are offering Discover, Explore, Play, and Challenge course for free!

Craving Change? Maybe Learn How to Change!

D.E.P.C is an acronym for Discover, Explore, Play, Challenge. These four words can help your clients embrace learning about weight-neutral diabetes care. Learn how you can use these four words to help your clients open up, and take charge of their learning!  

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Work with a WNDC Professional

Looking to work with a weight neutral diabetes care, WNDC professional?

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"Thinking about my weight only increased my struggle but ditching the scale helped me discovers which behaviors helped my blood sugar, mood and overall health, and that has made a huge difference in my ability to manage diabetes."


"Who knew I would love biking but I do!

Exercise and being active was always tied to my weight and calories.

A weight neutral approach has transformed my relationship with being active!"


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